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Bottled Gas

We do a full range of gas from the largest 47kg bottles for central heating & industrial use.
The mid range for general heating, barbecuing and patio heating. The camping range including
4.5 kg and 907 camping gas plus a full range of disposable cartridges

We deliver the full range of gas bottles within a 6 mile radius of Swindon. Colletion is also available.

Please see our opening Hours.

All our bottles and gas are at best prices and you can always be sure of expert, friendly advice.

For our separate price-list and brochures on these and other products, all at our discount prices, 

Bottled Gas: Text

Gas Suppliers

Flo Gas



Above is a list of the Gas Supplies we provide. Should you have any other supplier we can provided the necessary fitting component to switch. 

Bottled Gas: List
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